Location Platform (Planet)

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  • Online Tileserver – Scalable to your transactional needs
  • Geographic base data included directly or through partners for the entire globe
  • Dedicated team to update and improve base data errors/enhancements based on customer requirements
  • Patented Mobile Advertising (Location centric) engine included.
  • API’s for developer integration
  • Route optimisation engine (TS, VRPTW)
  • Navigation APIs for iOS and Android
  • Satellite imagery from multiple providers
  • Comprehensive Fuzzy Location Search
  • Reverse geocoding and Geolytics platform to give reports on travel patterns, estimated ETA, Traffic delays and more
  • IoT and LBS integrated. Stream live locations and action real time triggers based on Geofences. Ideal for Asset management.
  • Toolkits for Advanced Analytics e.g. Facility location and Customer usage patterns
  • Mobile workforce catch and dispatch APIs included.
  • Weather alerts and predictions included
  • Banking and Insurance use cases available
  • Scale to connected car
  • Use the Globe engine to differentiate yourself to consumers and to corporate customers the world over – Web to handset


  • Price on request
  • Limits based on use cases
  • Per device prices could apply based on application type
  • On premise, private or public cloud