How it works

Get your business results in the following easy steps. 

Choose which plan works best for your business, make a payment and watch as your business grows, using the AfriGIS GISLike solution.

Choose your plan:

  • No matter what your business needs are, we are able to assist in exploring your options and see which plan will suit your business portfolio.

Make a payment:

  • Check out our Business and Premium plans. The displayed prices are for monthly subscriptions. 

When purchasing:

  • After your purchase was processed, our support centre will be in contact with you regarding your GISLike account credentials.

See your investment grow:

  • AfriGIS uses innovative technology, datasets and processes to guide our customers to the best answers. We are always looking at ways to improve in terms of optimising and growing your business. 

Interested in building applications that can help extend your business in new and exciting ways?

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